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viernes, 18 de septiembre de 2015


***Karl Marx, outstanding german philosopher coined the term [LUMPEN] when trying to explain the origin of misery worldwide. He asked for a transformation of society instead - alluding at the philosophical thinking of the past.

***Well; MIGRANTS / MIGRANT CRISIS / EUROPEAN MIGRANT CRISIS / LATIN AMERICA MIGRANT CRISIS and inner cities migratory movements are all the Cul de Sac´s effect of the PLAN MARSHAL. The United States designed the MARSHAL PLAN to reconstruct Europe, after the disaster commited by Germany during World War II.

***Germany was reconstructed and some of its criminal citizens were helped to reconstruct their lives, around the world.

***In Venezuela I met some of them. Chanting their briberies laughing and acting as if they were movie stars. Banderas, Almodovar and Javier Bardem were not born yet, but Luis Buñuel was a leading film maker very well recognized.

***Some of them (the Nazis) told me how the Vatican and the Pope helped those nazi criminals, who despite the Nuremberg Trial, escaped justice for good... The Catholic Church is responsible for abortions, pedophiliacs and nazi haunting, all together.  Pio XII and  Pope Francis are the same guys, currently visiting Cuba, a Communist Apparatchik created to distract and to enrich cuban Moguls very well established in Miami and surroundings... The Caracas - Miami route is now operating in Weston and Doral, where Latinos act as if they were Saint Francis of Asis. And the Cubans, ah...! the Cubans, chistosos, modosos y pretenciosos, picking English...and disturbing the American way of life...

***When that American Lady shouts outdoors, cries, hearing strange noises all over the place on the CNN screen, she means the English Language, and the (Assimilation) referred to by Donald Trump, when explaining why  you do have to speak English in the United States.

***The Marshal Plan was taken to Hollywood, where, the film, Welcome Mr. Marshal, showed the Europe´s sentiments regarding the Filibuster Germany on delivering the Plan...Nothing for the real sufferers of war, everything for the Nazis, who enjoyed a new of life in Argentina, and elsewehere...

***Back to Hollywood, remembering the Mengele´s movie acted by Gregory Peck in The Children from Brazil.

***TODAYS MIGRANT CRISIS is the result of those affairs, Karl Marx was right and LUMPEN is his word,  and the best creation of an actual word. He discovered the Class Struggle, the Surplus Value and the Theory of Value of Commodities, but his genial pivot was LUMPEN, as already mentioned.

***Hungary is right and Germany is right and everybody is right, but MIGRANT means to much burden for CNN, alone...MIGRANT is a person who moves to a foreign place, traveling, wandering, errantly, trekking, roaming, vagabonding, as gypsies, lumpeneers...wanting to reach Germany or England or Scandinavia where life, exists!

***By the way, the Pope's trip to Havana resembles MIGRANTS, not so poor but a Wealthy Cast that will be received and assembled on  white chairs to listen the Violins and Flutes blew by the Cuban Burlesques and the Camerata Romeu.

***One word for the United States who will received the Pope and MIGRANTS, too: The MarshalPlan was for Europe - not for Germany - Venezuela and Ukraine are paying what should be German and Europe responsability- as Gorbachev asserted when visiting Cuba before the Berlin Wall and the Soviet Union dissolved.

***That is why I affirm with justice: the Pope visit to Cuba is treason to the LETTER OF JAMAICA where Bolívar calls for unity and freedom asking from the Liberal Nations for help, not from communism and religion.

***Going back to Hollywood,we are watching again Frank Sinatra´s movie: THE von RYAN'S EXPRESS or THE SCHINDLER LIST or THE GREAT ESCAPE, where the film shows,  Steve McQueen! motorcycling, and the Blind Jew assasinated by the Germans, whilst The American pilot (actor James Gardner) almost got to freedom  -Switzerland!

***Of note, Great Marshal Friedrich von Paulus, the Chief Nazi Commander in Stalingrad, was captured alive, used for Communist propaganda, and permitted to live a comfortable life in East Germany, from where Vladimir Putin, emerged.