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lunes, 14 de noviembre de 2016

Reforma Universitaria de Cordoba

domingo, 13 de noviembre de 2016

VENEZUELA Y UKRANIA / Bad traslation by the internet

Venezuela and Ukraine


When the two soldiers met on the Elbe (Germany, World War II) river, a handshake and the Soviet were given, swimming and shivering in the eagerness to fight, acknowledged those Marines who had just landed in Normandy. ( Dia D). Both young graduate at their respective universities and had the opportunity to meet, being graduates and older professionals and successful in their countries. Who would have thought that this meeting would be the icon of the real historical positions and strategies called Second fente. While the soldiers were known, the Russians had already crowned the German Reihgstad with the flag of the Hammer and Sickle. That photo was published in Life magazine and retain a copy, where the famous Russian photographer, led by Boris Polevoi and under General Zhukov, chosen by Stalin to lead his troops to Berlin, released the Jews who still roamed there in the escenario..No horror of that is nothing nuevo.Lo Spielberg filmed in SCHINDLER'S LIST, winner of Oscar. After the paraphernalia of the Marshall Plan, the recovery in Europe, and the long summer road and railway stations as the wounds healed, the dead were buried and swallowed whole the gall of the millions of deaths worldwide speaking and Europe was devastated, costing the USSR over 20 million people and the history of the defense of Stalingrad, now St. Petersburg - filmed in a real and reciente.Vea Saga: Battle of Leningrado.o of Stalingado, Columbia, Hollywood. USA. At the time I describe, San Bernardino Caracas urbanization was beginning to form, whereafter the Medical Center Hospital of Caracas would settle with a management nurses (nuns) and the support of the Creole Petroleum Corporation. The company that built the Medical Center holds his badge below the original where it says: CLINICAL CENTER CARACAS, 1947.Las photos are in the Medical Society Medical Center, where the model is seen when the work is started, the founders Medical Center doctors were pioneers with the needs of the oil companies in Venezuela, they knew crystallize and found such a jewel of excellence and Medicine in Caracas. Doctors were the number one of Venezuela, although the Creole had own hospitals in Zulia and the East, as Caripito Hospital where transaminases were made at that time, the nuns, as always priesthood cumplian that as they have the benefit administration and sick I can not forget Mrs. Baró, Secretary of the Board headed by the famous master Dr. Morales Rocha, great surgeon, an internist real famous in the Military Hospital and in the world. Dr. Rocha Morales signed the letter sent to the University of Kansas, Department of Pediatrics, where he announced Dr. Carlos E. Mijares, MD, who had been accepted as an allergist and immunologist at the Medical Center of Caracas, dated December 1974. When el.Dr. Mijares comes Medical Center, he was very well received and supported by all, especially by his teacher and lecturer Dr Ricardo Baquero Gonzalez. In Caracas he exercised Asthma and Allergy Clinic Dr. Rodriguez Gragirena and doctors Tamayo Ortega, Lozano Perez and Benaím Pinto. Is Dr. Carlos E. Mijares first allergist and immunologist practicing in Venezuela, graduated from the University of Kansas, taught by Frederic Speer, MD and Robert Dockhorn, MD.USA .. . The Beautiful tie that adorns the garden lights The beautiful tree that thinks and breathes upon the cheek of the vast jaw hospital, threatening to crush it bite and swallow the story of lives arrivals and lives gone ... Not far from there, in the Plaza la Estrella, built the first building in the area, with its own aqueduct, which operates in the center of the basement, where low prancing a spiral staircase, carrying a flashlight and verve to descend to such a depth. The Concierge and mother of the allergic child we drove to the site, go to Spain looking for life. Building that provided water to the future Avila hotel to be built near the Jewish synagogue. San Bernardino grew up breathing the mystery and secrecy of its inhabitants ... Caracas and Venezuela were there, waiting and there. Years passed, the boys grew old died, has spent all, and San Bernardino still there, in a strange silence. Why this attitude? They have grown flowers, has continued life and has grown Caracas, as divided into bunches of leaves, with a portable condition of pigeon or loftica infrastructure, aimlessly. Tremendous city, he screams a dreamer who arrived one day and falling night, climbed the Guaira highway and was with that game Caracas lights of neon signs. That and that Venezuela Caracas shy, innocent and hearty receive many surprises in the future of politics and events. Who would have thought that would appear and disappear Pancho Pepe Croquer, César Giron, Achilles Nazoa or Renny Ottolina? Carlos Delgado Chalbaud Hugo Trejo or Simon Diaz? We could say that would grow the audience, although it was hard to believe that so tight and pushed Venezuela into the Caribbean Sea resisterse would have to lose their identity and geography. Things do not come alone, some fact or reason, the cause, pressured by what is objectively capable of being between the lines. It is far from Ukraine Venezuela! A Russian, coming from New York arrived in Havana and walking Boyeros, La Rampa, the Malecon, old and 23 Havana and Yara, he had time to offer a Whisky at the Hotel Havana Hilton (Havana Libre) and threading into the Embassy of the Soviet Union in Miramar, challenging and tough estructra That looked more like a tower of the Alhambra, atosigante it not for the heat and tropical island atmosphere. Gorbachev did not rest in the lobby but went inside where he would be asked the magic question of the hour: and eachother, who keeps us, that will in our lives, our rose wine from Czechoslovakia, citrus juices California, Jets full of chickens Venezuela, watches and other trinkets made in the USSR, Lenin badges, where it is encrypted, with his English cap and chin slender and foul. Who hoped to Comrade and how he would answer that question: who will feed Cuba if the Soviet Union disappeared? It was not as secncillo as it turns out, the end of history was proclaimed as the twentieth century, goodbye. Globalization came like a gale aimlessly, looking grab wherever possible, regardless of the general and particular needs. Venezuela had not been called, this country slept like the rest of Latin America, while Yankees and Cubans were drawn rags and flying their flags of democracy and socialism. We were alienated from truth, slept uninterruptedly ... Time passed, the wall fell in Berlin and all celebrated the good news. End of the Soviet Empire that lasted 70 years. The hired to solve the problem of supplies of Cuba agents, up the hill Avila, several times. They breathed what each Venezuelan wheeze when climbing the top of Avila. It seems an enchanted forest, smelling mastranto and limpid as wind and water from their springs. Americans of the task along with other diners thought it very well and when they returned to their countries, had already decided that Venezuela would take the place of the Soviet Union. That explains why Hugo Chavez was honored as head of state in Cuba, without being held elections that would take him to the presidency of Venezuela in 2000. The people of the Communist Party in Havana rightly said. Come on, now it will not take us as when Allende The rest is history, laden with passengers and goods Russian planes flew between Havana and Caracas since before these developments.Ever saw smoke coming under the seats ... at the scene, someone commented, Russian planes are thus never crash. He continued the routine and people acclimated to that scenario, leaving behind what they called the Fourth Republic and inaugurating the three-year periods of Soviet chavismo.El problem was never solved the problem either Cuban, Latin American problem, the less and less the teritorial, political and social dispossession of an underdeveloped and immensely rich Venezuela. It looked as if La Dolce Vita Vittorio Gassman to head off the Robert de Niro of those days. Life continued to spend, Eastern Europe was orphaned and Ukraine maintained its position, very aware of Yugoslavia, now dismembered in naciones.por multiple reasons Communism Marshal Tito. Or we go to Korea, or we go to Guantanamo and now to Venezuela where Venezuelans all hate socialism and Comunismo.Ese Socialism XXI century was designed by the Mexican-German scientific Hanz Dieterich, sold to Hugo Chavez through Ali Rodriguez Araque.Cuba, from Romulo Betancourt, anti consummate put in place to Fidel Castro when he came to bring communism to Venezuela.Después, skillfully maneuvered to seize Venezuela because only US remittances embargo and Cuban Adjustment Act would be received from the US Congress I refer the reader to the interview of Marco Rubio, Republican Senator in CNN.y Senator Menendez, Democrat. How far Ukraine. That intelligent Russians, Europeans and Americans. Should be separate from the Soviet Union Ukraine, and Venezuela divided by forced reasons, pointing out the inhabitants that they were emaciated and Chavistas, when in fact they were the Juan Bimba, always. Juan Bimba became John Bomba, he wrote a famous Venezuelan writer recently. If the Venezuelan left his country in the hands of merchants and devoted himself to study and create graduate and universities, including military schools and public privadas.Pues well, Positivism was misunderstood and poorly assimilated, and when the time came to move, we were in the gomecismo, with brands of crickets and illiteracy as a system. That made when Democratic Action was founded, the PCV was already founded and nobody knew of communism or had read the classics of Marxism - Leninism. The Cuban Revolution, made the statement of Sainz Brothers (read in Critical Thinking, Cuban Magazine) which fully explained why he had to do in Cuba, no Communist democratic revolution, with which agreed the Cuban people, It was for Cubans, not for export. Camilo Cienfuegos, arrives in Havana and directed by Juan Almeida to the San Alejandro Art School, noting that action with the educational and from demands that revolutionary character Gesta. Today Cuba is a country destroyed that survives on US remittances and delivery of Venezuela to the Cuban regime by CUBACHAVISMO COMUNISTOIDE and Marti, as write Alina Fernandez, daughter of Fidel Castro, from his golden exile in France. That beauty! The oil-rich Venezuela, starving, poverty and shortage of medicine, employment and unspeakable corruption in modern times. If it were not for this story, the Cuban Revolution would have had another destino.Su, meant to be a democracy, it was misrepresented and we were given, leveraging our misery and ignorance. For Indians accept any bias and fell into the trap of the noble savage and revolutionary Well, as you wrote the famous Venezuelan journalist Carlos Rangel and Hector Mujica. The Communist Party has never won elections in Venezuela and the current Constitution does not include Socialism in his vocation texto.La Peace and Democratic Venezuelan is not accepted as friends of Vladimir Putin, who claims to be a friend of Hugo Chavez, Syria and Iran and back supports asylum Snowden and violates human rights and strangers in your country. Russia is in favor of keeping Ukraine and Venezuela will fight for democracy and freedom of our country, our land, our idiosyncrasies and our future! Who knows Lavrov (Russian Foreign Minister), Castro or whoever, how copper paddling in Venezuela. It's our stuff, it is our fight ... It is a secular democracy, liberal, based on the principles of the Great Conversation described in Syntopicon of the Great Books of the Western World, where Hutchins and Mortimer Adler, lay the foundations of democracy in the Americas. It is for this reason that we can not be Communists, because from Homer to Freud, the Great Books illuminate the path of democracy in Venezuela and the world. Written by Carlos E. Mijares on February 25, 2014, in San Bernardino, Medical Center in Caracas.
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